Adding Sound Part A: Powerpoint 2007


About this tutorial:

Video duration: 3:8
A quick demo on how to attach sounds to an object animation inside of Powerpoint 2007.


  1. Make a youtube video from powerpoint Save As WMV One song at the entire thing (insert audio) at slide1, go to Animations, click Animation pane then Right click on song name, go to Effects. then pick play song through 20 slides.making 1 song play at the next 20 slides. still on the music slide1 go to Transitions on the right side click Duration, put 1second then at right note Advance Slide, put 3 seconds. Then Slide Show automatically plays all slides with the first slides music = music video

  2. Hello,

    Thank you for the tutorial, I was wondering is there a book that you would recommend reading that would give a run down of graphic design without having to pay courses?


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