1. Hi thank you for the video. Im wanting to know how can i ge the box to display the user information when they login. Im trying to make a time card. The window that pops up after login will be the user information pertaining to the one that logged in.

  2. I'm using VB 2010 because the VB 6.0 version is just unavailable and hence am not able to find some things like right-click->components is not possible…..please help me. I am creating a library management system and for the login i need to provide each teacher with their own login thus i want to know how to select things like microsoft common control and also because of this version of vb i am not able to connect to the access database.

  3. Sir . can you make a video about a ordering app like a pizza app with combo box in the pizza flavor and option box and it has a command button for the receipt . can you show the codes about " how to make a receipt?" thank you very much

  4. thanks man .. i followed the steps and i finished it, i need help i'm working on my program its a memo/planner with login and register system. i want to know how to connect those memo/plan that was encoded by a specific user/account that no one can access the file but only the user who made it? 🙂 please reply thank you.

  5. First once thanks for the quick answer
    I need it for 4 employees,
    does one agree anyhow in the code?

    Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
    Dim user As String
    Dim pass As String
    user = "admin"
    pass = "admin"
    If (user = username.Text And pass = password.Text) Then
    MsgBox "login successful"
    MsgBox "login failed"
    End If

    End Sub

    Private Sub CommandButton2_Click()
    End Sub

  6. Thanx ur video was really helpful but can u tell me the coding for forget password button in login form my sir has asked me to add forget password code if someone forgets his/her password then how to retrieve it back….plz help I have to submit my project next week


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