Amazing Motion and Fire Text Effects – Advanced PowerPoint Animation Tutorial


About this tutorial:

Video duration: 7:8
Make cool motion text effects in PowerPoint – from fire text, to shiny text, to anything you can imagine! Check out the written post of this and download the working files on my blog:

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I also found some really useful free sites for motion backgrounds, pictures, and music. All media used in my video was taken from these:

Incoming search terms:


  1. Hi Powerpoint Spice, Good Day! 🙂 Your short tutorials are simply amaaaaazing! But how can you do this one with the use of Microsoft Powerpoint 2007? I tried to explore on things that are needed to be done in order to produce a unique powerpoint presentation with the help of your tutorials but it seems like I'm really having a hard time because the older version is the only thing that I have. Ugghhh what do now? :(

  2. Hello P-Spice you are great. Your creativity is just awesome. Could you make videos on different website pages scrolling on a laptop or images scrolling on a laptop or desktop. I see them in your videos and they look so professional. P-Spice you are the best but please slow down when you are showing how to do something in PowerPoint. You are too good so you kind of speed up when performing a task in PowerPoint. Cheers Lia and don't stop your good work. Looking forward for the Laptop videos. Kindly suggest to me how I can be like you in terms of your creativity and how you conceive your ideas and implement them in PowerPoint, it's just amazing. Thank you very much

  3. Thanks for the tutorial. I got things right well almost… Can you please help me in keeping the background video behind the mask. coz when animation happens despite me having the mask on top of the background video it jumps in front till it plays and once the end is reached it goes back behind the mask.

  4. Powerpoint Spice  I just wanted to say that your instructional videos are awesome!  I've had a more productive day today learning powerpoint thanks to your efforts than I've had in a month.  Thanks for your patience with this amateur!

  5. Also, I could not see how to format the basic slide.  I could format the background just fine, removing the default graphic.  Just couldn't format the slide, so I have these pesky textboxes, one for the title and one for the body of the text, and it seems to be creating trouble for me.


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