Avoiding Fake Microsoft Tech Support Calls and Scams.


Several offshore companies are purchasing lists of American phone numbers with your name and address from list brokers. Foreign criminals then call your home and pretend they’re from “Microsoft.” They say the reason for their call is that they’ve received notification that “your computer has been hacked by a virus.” This is a complete lie.

Microsoft has no way of knowing that you have a virus or have been hacked. These companies, several which are located in India, then take control of your computer, show you several innocuous system logs, and tell you they will clean your computer for…


  1. Would you believe it i just got the call. i kept him on the line for over a hour, then told him my computers a Macintosh and my other computer now has all his details logged. and thanked him. so there still at it!

  2. 1-203-318-0712. Call me today didn't give bank info cause when I ask where ur from cause of the Indian accent they told me they live in the U.S. I as for an address wasn't able calling banks randomly trying to find out but somehow they were able to get into my pic now I'm locked out 

  3. Here is a way to make these people mad and possibly hang up.
    I had a friend tell me that he received a call from someone named David. David said he was from Microsoft and have discovered my friend who we will call “Bill” was sending virus to Microsoft.
    Well Bill told David “That’s a Christian name… how long have you been a follower of Jesus”? There was silence. This person “David” got really hostile to Bill. 
    Bill then told David he was pleased to know another Christian had called him to help him with his computer.
    At that point David started cussing him out, screaming and shouting and hung up.
    It was pretty obvious David was a Muslim and being accused of being a Christian sent him into orbit.
    So, the next time you get a scam call from someone claiming they are from Microsoft tell them they have a great Christian name and offer to pray for their health and well being in the name of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob the true loving God.
    They will probably put you on the do not call list right away.

  4. here by today i am disclosing the details of one company owners with their details who are running outbound virus scams from india. they have been running this business for the last many years in united kingdom and usa together.they are running virus calls scams with their websites are also hosted.

    they operate by the two names 

    1. mega soft solution
    2. windows experts

    name- vipul raj
    contact ph number : +91-9818899514 (indian number)
    office address : g 90 fourth floor gali no 7 ramphal chowk dwarka new delhi (still operating from his office)
    websites : http://www.megasoftsolution.net/
    website two  : http://www.windowsexperts.net/
    the second website never works because they use the name of microsoft to sell as the name of company appears as windows experts on credit card and debit card statement so customer thinks its microsoft.

    to convince uk and usa gullible people

    uk number : +44 020 3239 3194

    usa number : +1 315 636 6060

    mr vipul raj here joined hands with one of the payment account providers in mauritious
    so the payment goes to mauritius then the mauritian party transfers the amount in indian account of mr vipul raj
    details of mauritian contact given below

    Company: Nasheela Bibi Toonah Windows Experts Ltd.
    Address: 92 Pampelmousse, Port Louis, Mauritius Delhi Cantt Port Louis,230 MU 
    Phone: +230.2506561

    above both parties have been running this for the last 3 years this scam in large scale and no one has so far tried to catch them.

    the information is 100% correct and validated

    their private email addresses are given below through which all the reality can be listed out very easily


    please share this info as we really dont have any hope from any country's police


  5. Well you started off okay there Chuck but wound up using xenophobic scare tactics (these people,these foreigners could be supporting terrorist activities…taking food out of our families mouths..etc.) to plug your own business. Sure you might be right but it makes for kind of a douchey sales pitch.

  6. Chuck, I highly and strongly agree with your tips. Those foreign criminals can be any calling companies like from India and some other foreign country on the other side of the world. The biggest lesson about scams is do not fall for them and do not get caught. 

  7. A scammer called me today Sept. 5, 2014. It was so obviously fake, that I even laughed. But for someone whom hasn't learned about these fakes, it's dangerous.


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