BI Tools: Using PerformancePoint in SharePoint 2013 (Tutorial)


About this tutorial:

Video duration: 14:20
In this demo, Tavis Lovell (a member of the Business Solutions team at Rackspace) covers the basics of PerformancePoint in SharePoint 2013. For more information on our Business Solutions and Business Intelligence offerings, visit

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  1. Any book you could recommend on PerformancePoint ?Your tutorial was a great introduction but my first example involved a series based on the month of an invoice date and the series in the chart ends up sorted alphabetically by the month name. How could I force the ordering of the series by month number with the legend showing the month name.Regards

  2. Great help. 
    looking at the video, in general case, it seems that the measure that we want to apply as filter in all/some reports in the dashboard needs to be put in as Background, am i right?


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