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  1. Earn double your bitcoins per month- you are not obliged to invite people
    6 months paying

    Automated System

    Minimum investment 10 dollars
    Maximum investment 5000 USD

    10% RE Commitment is mandatory after 1 donation

    Only in the 1st invest will earn 50% the others are 100%

    20% RECOMEETMENT is mandatory after the 1st PH

    20% linked-within 24 to 72-hrs
    80% Link-within 7 to 15 days
    5% Direct Reference bonus

    Video on the project

    Yield levels
    1st level-4%
    2nd level-3%
    3rd level-2%
    4th level-1%
    5th level-0.5%

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  2. Man, Kristopher Knight really is doing everything he can to shove as many words into a statement without adding meaning.

    It's astonishing how quickly every news outlet wants to disassociate blockchain from bitcoin – the world's most successful blockchain. Everything they've described here seems to just be "a fancy, over priced database".


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