Booked Scheduler Tutorial – Installing Booked


About this tutorial:

Video duration: 3:54
This tutorial will walk through installing Booked on your server.

Twinkle Toes Software provides professional services for Booked, including hosting, enterprise support and custom development.


  1. i finished all the installation procedure but during the user registration procedure the security image is showing anything to type , its just showing captcha , i tried all the browser , please help. am using latest version

  2. Hi Nick! I've been trying to search the forums for some support. But unfortunately, all I get is Database error.
    The problems I encountered are, the captcha image is not showing up. Also, when you upload an image of the resource, it is not displayed in the resources page but on the dashboard it displays when you hover your mouse on the resource. Please help! Thanks and more power.

  3. hi nick.. can you help me?
    since september 1 my booked is not working well on chrome firefox and safari…
    i can only use on internet explorer and opera
    the box with ajax where the details is not showing, so i dont know what is the problema…
    i need your help

  4. What I want to know is —- does Booked have a manual? This video is the only thing that comes up when I do a Google search for a manual, this video is the only thing I can find — and it seems to only cover the installation. Booked seems like a useful program — but the complete lack of any manual anywhere is a deal-breaker. I ran into a problem while using the demo — and thought to consult the manual to see how to fix it — only there was no manual.

  5. Nick, what happened to you? It's been a year since you uploaded this video!
    It would be awesome if you continue with these videotutorials, they're really helpful.

    I'm wondering how could I do this: I have a website for a hotel and I need to use a form in that website and manage the information of the reservations in booked, but I'm pretty much a noobie and I'm not quite sure how could I do that. Maybe using the API?

    Thanks and great work 😉

  6. Hey! Thanks for the Tutorial! I have a problem though.. I finished installing the application but when I'm trying to register, the reCaptcha is saying that I should download it on google and it asks my domain name. the problem is I'm using XAMPP to host my sit locally first. So how can I enable reCaptcha in the register.php?


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