C# Tutorial for Beginners: Learn C# from Scratch


About this tutorial:

Video duration: 1:10:32

Master the fundamentals of C# and .NET using this simple, pragmatic and step-by-step tutorial.

00:00 Introduction
02:16 Difference between C# and .NET
03:07 CLR
05:21 Architecture of .NET Applications
07:52 Your First C# App
18:45 Variables and Constants
27:24 Overflowing
29:34 Scope
30:33 Demo of Variables and Constants
42:40 Type Conversion
47:30 Demo of Type Conversion
57:43 Operators

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  1. I've been looking for a tutorial like this for weeks. You seem to be the only guy ON INTERNET who doesn't take anything for granted and actually explains every single aspect of the programming language with knowledge and clarity. Most people don't understand that even the smallest insignificant detail could be very confusing for a neophyte if they don't explain what it does and why it behaves that way. Thanks for going so in depth on each topic!

  2. I want attach scanner with PC ? but I don't now The method. I develop inventory management system so please send me code for that in c# window form applications. I don't know who get input from scanner and compare from database please help!…

  3. very clear presentation, that part is much better than OpenEDX or even Microsoft. I am a veteran in training and I can see the presentation embrace: Concept, Practical, Layered, Clarification.

  4. I am programming in Linux OS than in Windows environment nowadays mostly with Python, Java/Netbeans and sometimes C++. However, I still like to use Visual Community Edition for GUI development which is fun to use especially with C#. Thank you for the good video tutorial!

  5. At about 50 minute mark you are insert 1000 into a byte. Is the first or last byte of the 1000 being moved into the byte or is the result 232 because of overflow?

  6. This is by far the best video I have come across for learning coding.
    I am trying to learn coding through self study, and after about a month of going through videos and other learning materials, I find that this is the easiest, and best explained video!
    Takes you through everything you need for the back bone foundation of coding. I am going to find learning coding A LOT easier after this.
    Thanks Mosh!!!


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