Change Default Program Files Installation Directory Location


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Change Default Program Files Installation Directory Location

If you have a SSD or small Hard Drive with very little space and you want to install your programs to another Hard Drive, then watch my video on how to do this., its simple and easy to do and will install all your programs to another hard drive of your choice.

I will be in Changing the Default Program Files Installation Directory Location in Windows 10. But this works in any Microsoft operating system.
We will be editing the registry and ProgramFilesDir, so its a good idea to make a backup of your data and registry before you…


  1. No need to do this don't mess with something you don't know, editing this may or may not lead to having corrupted files so keep that in mind while doing this. In other hand you can always just use your second drive d drive as a storage drive by just changing the pathway of where you install that application

  2. i have changed the downloads location from C: to D: and its copied the hole D: drive into it self , i actually dont know how to explain it ,,, any one knows how to re-do it to C: ,, this video latterly fucked things up

  3. Britec or anyone pls 🙂 had a laptop hard drive put in desktop to copy some files,, but when I return to my laptop asking windows startup repair, repeatedly. Then this one apears Windows directory D. How to change to C? Tnx

  4. I did word for word what you said, and decided to test it out with reinstalling skype and skype still installed on my c drive not my F drive.

    please let me know if any of the following facts caused my error:
    1. I did not reboot my pc
    2. I made the file path to long (f:programs for dell e1234Program Files)
    3. skype may only be able to install on the c drive.

  5. u better copy first all of files from c program files and programfiles x86 and paste them on d new folders u just created so windows be able to work with the existing files till the new creation ones its extremely important

  6. Fuck you, Britec09! Seriously…fuck you! You have no idea what you're talking about. I lost the directory paths to MS Office, Dropbox, Steam, Google Chrome, etc., etc, fucking etc. Your video is obviously missing some important fucking steps. No one should mess with their registry according to this video. Luckily I was able to change mine back and got everything working again with a full system restart.

  7. The number of people that piss and moan after doing this , need to STOP whinging and simply REVERSE the steps.

    You are NOT altering ANYTHING within windows you are moving the default program directory and NOTHING else, if windows won't boot you quite obviously screwed with a actual Windows directory or other folder location ,

    Moving the default directory can be done simply and easily and ALL you are doing is telling Windows where the Default Instal directory now is and con leave your already installed software where it is .


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