Cool Zoom Animation Effect: PowerPoint Animation Tutorial (Professional Trick)


About this tutorial:

Video duration: 13:51
Here’s an advanced PowerPoint animation tutorial for a cool zoom effect – hope you enjoy!
Download the sample file:

This Cool Zoom Animation Effect takes a little time and patience to do, but once done, it’s cool enough that it often doesn’t even look like PowerPoint. This animation trick involves careful layering of photos and getting the timing right of the moving lines and grow animations.

Make sure you choose a picture that will look good with the zoom effect – try to test out the level of magnification you want in advance by layering a cropped…


  1. i am really learning a lot from your tutorials. I have a powerpoint presentation to do and in one of the slides, I have inserted a full business model canvas. due to that the writings are small on each section of the canvas. is there a way i can make a particular section zoom in whilst presenting on that then it shrinks out then the next section zooms in like that till i am done with all the sections on the Canvas.

    this is a space for people to collaborate, and share their animations,
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    Please share this with other animators, so everyone can make amazing things like this,
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