Create a Bubble Chart with Multiple Series of Data

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Ask kids if they like bubbles and most likely you’ll get a resounding “YES!” Heck even some adults like bubbles. I think it has something to do with the shiny curves and the airiness of these spherical entities. So when you have the chance to add more bubbles to your Excel bubble chart why not? It actually not that hard to add more more series of data to your chart. But be careful of adding too many series (bubbles), because just like a washing machine overloaded with too much detergent, a bubble chart can be overloaded with too…

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10 thoughts on “Create a Bubble Chart with Multiple Series of Data

    Lakshmi Kannan

    (July 7, 2018 - 10:32 pm)

    Very helpful…thanks

    Lack of Focus

    (July 7, 2018 - 10:32 pm)

    Very helpful. Clearly explained and quick to get to the point. Following it proved to me that the feature does actually work. It helped me troubleshoot one of my charts. The x-axis was not working correctly and would show up as data point number rather than the x value. It turns out that Excel reverts to point number on the x-axis if there are any non-numerical values in the column.

    Jammale Lamarti

    (July 7, 2018 - 10:32 pm)

    Thanks for this video. It is realy useful ! Good Job

    Sally Martinson

    (July 7, 2018 - 10:32 pm)

    What fun! Thanks for making me smile.

    Fred Darko

    (July 7, 2018 - 10:32 pm)


    Stephen Quirke

    (July 7, 2018 - 10:32 pm)

    thanks for this – as an utter Excel Noob I found it very useful

    nira khatiwada

    (July 7, 2018 - 10:32 pm)

    how to calculate Z value at first?

    Ghuran dash

    (July 7, 2018 - 10:32 pm)

    Nice video

    Robert Jean-Louis

    (July 7, 2018 - 10:32 pm)

    what would a bubble chat be used for


    (July 7, 2018 - 10:32 pm)

    Thanks for the Bubble Chart!

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