Create a Database in Microsoft Access 2013 for Beginners


About this tutorial:

Video duration: 15:23
In this beginner Microsoft Access video tutorial, you will learn how to create your first database in Access 2013. You will build a customer table, query, form, and report. When you’re done with this tutorial, click this link to watch my FULL 2.5 HOUR Access Beginner 1 course absolutely free of charge:


  1. Thank You so much for this "QUICK START" tutorial…we are creating a database for our church and this has been a great help. Just with this short tutorial we can create an accurate membership roll to be used for all occasions. Thanks for getting straight to the point without all the "lecturing"! I plan to watch the full tutorial soon!

  2. Hi I want to create a database with certain sounds such as (good morning it is {17} degrees celsius with afternoon rain for example, and it is intended that he seeks out the self (too many degrees Celsius so it is) can anyone give me there with help?
    thank you in advance

  3. I am a beginner with Access and my fire chief wants to create a database to track our discrepancies for each year. Is there a way to have it autonumber to have the year before? Example of ID # 2016-1 or 2015-86. Help would be greatly appreciated. And awesome video.

  4. Hi Rick. I followed your convention and named the table MrT (adding a 'T' to the end of the table name, as you suggested). Unfortunately, every time I open the table now, the A-Team theme plays. How can I rectify this issue?

  5. I am trying to build a database which can monitor holiday taken and remaining holidays by staff, the holiday staff are entitled to are accrued on a day by day basis based on the number of hours the workers work.

  6. I have been experimenting with my new DB but I get nothing when I sort by phone number and cannot figure out why. I used the short text field. I entered all of my phone numbers in the exact same format of (000) 000-0000 I entered everything in the exact same format in the phone number criteria field of my query and I get all blanks on the return. I have tried it with numerous numbers in that field and get the same results every time. The field is just set to short text and not formatted for data to be inputed in any specific way and all of my data in that field is entered in the exact same format, I didn't miss any spaces or anything but all of the other fields return data when I enter it in the criteria of those fields, this seems to be the only field that doesn't work properly and I am at a loss as to why. I have checked everything many times over. HELP LOL BTW I absolutely love this tutorial and am going through your other level one tutorial, you do a fantastic job of teaching this and making it easy to understand.


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