Create a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) in Excel


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How to create a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) in Excel. Thought not as robust as MS Project, Excel can be used to create or “hack” a WBS in a table form. ————————————————————————————————-

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  1. I just began my PM studies as of Aug 26, 2015 at University of Alaska Anchorage and this is awesome illustration, I was able to follow each step of the process with ease. Although, I do have MS Project 2013 and WBS Pro, I wanted other options in case, MS Project 2013 or WBS Pro wasn't working that day. This allows me to offer different alternatives instead of just one dependency. Thank You.

  2. You can make the level columns faster doing : Select Column where your code is > Text to columns > Delimited > Delimiters: Other: . > Finish
    You can use it if you have a large list.

  3. Thanks for the nice tutorial. Just one idea to make it a bit easier. You can replace the "Substitute", "Find" and "Code" by just using one colum like this (example for row 2): =Left(H2;(I2*2-1)) because you will always have 1 dot less then you have numbers, so a total of twice the amount of number minus 1. It´s much easier than the reroute with the question mark and the find function.

    Hope this helps. Cheers.

  4. Thanks for posting this tutorial. You shared some great Excel formula tips!! But I must admit: I am going to request MS Project from my company because there is no way I am going to do this hack to create my WBS'. (smile) Have a great day!

  5. Interesting approach, but why not just remove the decimals, add zeros to create numbers of a uniform length, and sort by that column? For example, if your codes begin in A2, then paste this down starting in B2:

    Then you can just reference column A on your main WBS sheet, and you're left with a single formula column on your 'Demo' sheet that's much easier to read than your consolidated formula.

  6. Hi Doug I would like to ask if you have a excel chart for cost benefit analysis that calculates the volume of hours works and per volume task(Cost) . Showing to the chart that a person is working less and paid higher by his company?


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