Delphi 2010 Tutorial 2 – Part 1 Connecting to the Database


About this tutorial:

Video duration: 4:40
Apologize for my mistakes 🙂
In this tutorial We’ll try to make a Log In, but in this part we’ll first learn about how to connecting our application/project to a database.
I use ADO connection as a component and Access 2007 as Database. For another type of database such as MySQL, SQL Server, Fire Bird, etc. i recommended u use Universal DAC (UniDAC) component, there is so much database type supported with UniDAC. If u ask, i will make a tutorial about UniDAC.
Next part coming soon, be ready 😀


  1. Hi, EHCommun1ty.
    I do believe when MS. office was installed on your computer, delphi (ADO) must be contained office 12 driver because delphi automatically detecting the driver after database installation whatever access,mssqlserver,mysql etc.
    try to reinstall your ms office, if the result doesn't change try install office 2007 version. Hope this help…

  2. MrFahreee,

    Thanks for your video,

    I have been looking for how to add Office.12 driver to delphi xe2

    But couldn't find anything, I installed the professional version of office 2010 and I installed also the distribution package but delphi would not detect them?

    What you think and how this problem could be solved ?


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