Digitakt+Digitone: NEW 1.08 Compressor, Workflow Tutorial & Making Music (SynthTalk with Bo #4)


About this tutorial:

Video duration: 1:39:2
In todays SynthTalk with Bo I am going to make music live with the Digitakt+Digitone. You can support the stream on & get access to the forum as well as our Patron Discord.

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  1. Thanks for the great video.
    I connected the audio as you say but I can't go from the digitact midi out to the digitone midi in because i want to use in the midi input in the digitone for the keysteps. You have any idea how can I fix that?
    Many thanks

  2. Hello Bo (greetings from Rostock North Germany) Can you confirm that the trigger state for making note manipulation when you hold Function and a note the the up arrow, to make tripled note aas are not more available?

  3. Hey thanks for your video I haven't updated my digitakt in a while and having a compressor is SOOOO COOOOL !! I have your videos notified and the title of it warned me about that compressor, I haven't watched the video haha 😛


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