DMV & Driving Test Tips by Rock O. Kendall (Full version of Road Test Tips)


About this tutorial:

Video duration: 32:12
DMV & Driving Test Tips by Rock O. Kendall. Rock O. Kendall is an attorney specializing in California in DMV Hearings for Issues of: Medical Condition, Vision and Skill.
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  1. I have my road test tomorrow. I am 30 years old and I always have had coordination issues with my brain. Driving always freaks me out since there are so many factors involved and I feel my brain is unable to process them all at once.. I hope I can pass tomorrow.

  2. I need my permit then my drivers licences it is hard being 23 and wanting a gf but dont have a permit i mean i won a bunch of money at a casino and buy a car off the lot but money cant buy love

  3. The one thing I'm not 100% sure about is SMOG. So you are suppose to signal then look at your rear mirror then look straight again, then side mirrors then straight again then over your shoulder then straight again and switch lanes? Can we keep looking straight exactly when we do the switch?

  4. Yo guys I been practicing for 6 months with permit and yesterday I took he test for the first time and pass score a 77 not to good because I pass the light when it turn yellow But anyways super easy, Stop stressing depends on the instructor she was nice


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