About this tutorial:

Video duration: 4:9
WARNING!!: This video does mainly include “non-mainstream-moves”
If you wanna see large catpass to frontflip, use alt+F4
You might not see the difficulty in most of those moves
Traceurs: Andi Wöhle, Martin Riedl, Arthur Haas
Song: Kyle Andrews – Looking Up
Camera: Canon 600D, Glidecam HD 2000, Tokina 11-16mm 2.8F, Walimex 8mm 3.5F and the “FantasticPlastic”


  1. "You might not see the difficulty in most of those moves" halt mal die luft an, willst du mich verarschen? xD Ich geb alles dafür genau so zu werden, ich liebe euer movement einfach. Auch wenn es lange dauert ich werde es mal schaffen und dann treff ich die Dinos :3

  2. I'm not the first to say this but this is Raw parkour, and I love that traceurs do both and people focus have their preferences with freerunning and parkour. Very awesome to see straight up parkour sometimes. And this defines it..


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