Excel Magic Trick 1225: Excel/Word Mail Merge for Customer Accounts Receivable Letter or E-mail


About this tutorial:

Video duration: 12:7
Download File: http://people.highline.edu/mgirvin/excelisfun.htm
Learn how to:
1. (00:12) Introduction To Mail Merge with Excel and Word
2. (00:53) Convert Customer Data Table in Excel to an official Excel Table so that we can add new records and have formatting automatically appear with new records. Excel Table feature converts a static Excel table to a Dynamic Table which behaves like a real database.
3. (02:20) Connect Word Letter To Excel Table with Customer Data using Word Mailings Ribbon Tab, Select Recipients
4. (02:47) Remove Customers with a Zero Balance using Word Mailings Ribbon…


  1. Mike, serious question: do you think it's possible to pick up girls with excel? For example I recently made a workbook, where no matter what they write in, they get a <3. (Custom formatting "<3";"<3";"<3";"<3"). I also made one where they could write in whole numbers only in a cell (data validation), and then get a rept function to give them that many <3. I don't think I had much success with it though yet.. any suggestions? :D

  2. excellent video on Mail Merge. I hope is not going to be last one on this topic. Mail Merge is a powerful tool as long as you master it.
    When you use Mail Merge with Outlook is there a way to make the subject line dynamic? For instance I would like to indicate in the subject line the name of the recipient of the email and currently this is not possible.

  3. This is awesome, I have a question, this email will go to an individual email address, how can I send this along with a cc? In a different situation is that possible?


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