Excel Magic Trick 1378: Average of Customer Total Sales by Product: Formulas, DAX or Array Formula?

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See how to calculate Average of Customer Total Sales by Product using Excel Formulas, Excel Array Formulas and DAX Measures in Excel Power Pivot:
1. (00:15) Introduction
2. (01:08) 2 Step Solution with SUMIFS and AVERAGEIF functions.
3. (07:21) 2 SUMIFS Array Formula
4. (11:26) FREQUENCY Array Formula
5. (15:20) COUNTIFS Array Formula
6. (17:40) Time all three Array Formulas to learn which is fastest Calculating
7. (19:10) Excel 2016 Power Pivot Data Model & DAX Measures
8. (21:11) DAX Measure using SUM and DISTINCTCOUNT…

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