Excel Magic Trick 485: Create Shorthand to speed up typing using AutoCorrect


About this tutorial:

Video duration: 3:23
See how to use Excel AutoCorrect to create shorthand to speed up typing. For example when you type hcc and then space, Highline Community College will appear.

Create Shorthand in Excel

1) Click on the Office Button (2007) or File tab (2010) (upper left corner)
2) Click on Excel Options (lower right corner)
3) On the left click on the Proofing tab
4) Add any shorthand that you would like
5) Click OK on AutoCorrect Options button
6) Click OK on Excel Options dialog box

1) Excel 2003: Tools, menu, Auto Correct Options
2) Click on the AutoCorrect Options tab
3) Add any…


  1. I suggest trying a non-alphanumeric key to trigger the change. I set up most of my autocorrect shortcuts with a slash at the end—so it will change "t/" to "Thank you," but it will leave "t" alone. And then I set up "Thank you/" to change to "Thank you very much" (I just type "t//"). It offers some flexibility, and it protects me from typos (like just "t"). Cheers.

  2. …continued from above:

    08505excel, you should do it!!! The program for making screen captures is supper easy to use. The program is called Camtasia. What is so great about the program is that it comes with videos that show how to use it! People would love it if you would share your VBA expertise!

  3. As I always joke about in many of my videos, I am not so good with VBA. I have some videos about recorded Macros, because I know some good tricks in regards to the Recorder, but VBA, I am just not very good. And I feel that if I am not so competent at a certain topic, I should stay away from making videos.

    more in next comment…

  4. Full instructions from 08505excel:

    This worksheet macro updates MS Office Auto-correct feature in all modules Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Publisher , and Outlook( depending on how Outlook is set up) . Once the Macro is executed the data stored in column "A" is the shortcut code and column "B" is the replacement data. Cells in column B have a space limitation I think 254 characters.
    Major advantage is you can execute on multiple computers and you can update the spreadsheet.

  5. Totally awesome Macro!
    Once the Macro is executed the data stored in column "A" is the shortcut code and column "B" is the replacement data.
    Here is the code:
    Sub autocorrectmacro()
    ItemCount = Application.CountA(Range("sheet1!A:A"))
    For Row = 1 To ItemCount
    ShortText = Cells(Row, 1)
    LongText = Cells(Row, 2)
    Application.AutoCorrect.AddReplacement ShortText, LongText
    Next Row
    End Sub

  6. I am sorry to disappoint you – I will try to do better next time!

    As for the "e', I got it to work just fine in Excel 2003.

    The Macro you sent is awesome – I will send it along to farouk450 (commented above) because he commented that he was excited to see it.


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