Excel VBA Introduction Part 3 – What to do When Things Go Wrong (Errors and Debugging)


About this tutorial:

Video duration: 18:20
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By Andrew Gould

– If you’ve written at least one subroutine in VBA you’ll probably already be familiar with the feeling of frustration when things don’t work! This video teaches you about the different types of error that…


  1. Extremely great tutorials starting from the basics to add a little at a time what it takes to improve the level of knowledge.
    Dear Andrew it is a pleasure to be listening to you and thank you for the amazing work you did and for having shared your knowledge.

  2. Thank you so much for your videos.

    I have a problem with my code and could use your help. I am trying to input data into my excel sheet from another workbook using a user form with a few drop down lists. I am able to open this other work book however, while assigning data from it to the dropdown lists in my userform; I keep getting errors. This is the code that produces the errors:

    dim LastRow as String
    Set LastRow = workbooks("C:file.xls").Sheets("SheetName").Range("RangeName" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row

    I am at wits end and would appreciate some insight.

  3. Dear Sir, J started seriously learning VBA thanks to your videos and although J'm just at third, J've already realized that you did an excellent work. J am very grateful to you because my professionalism will go up and in the same time J'll perfect my English. J'm really excited to start this new adventure that gives me great personal gratification not only at work. J think at any age you should never stop learning. Thank you very much for your great and precious work. Best regards from Italy.

  4. Dear WiseOwl.
    You are the greatest teacher on this topic, period.
    Almost every sentence you speak out conveys a meticulously selected piece of information which learners would spend plenty of time figuring out, if at all.
    Besides, your perfect accent cleans off the rust from my ears.
    Thank you.

  5. Hi ya thank you for your video firstly,

    i got a couple of questions when i actually hit ctrl + space, it only changes my keyboard language to other language instead of opening up the library of command. is there anywhere that i could open up the list of command in alternative means?

    secondly, when i actually rewrite your code in your second video and hit run, it shows me that an error 434 has been found and object required. is there anything wrong with it?.

    thank you..

  6. I am a self taught person and I have been programming for some 5 years in VBA, and still in the first few lessons I learned something new.
    I must say , it is very well presented and simply explained.


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