Fix “Class not Registered” Error in Windows 10 (Two simple methods)


About this tutorial:

Video duration: 2:39
Getting “class not registered” error in Windows 10 while opening any file or app? Please try these two simple methods and let’s know if it works for you. Method 1: go to control panel I programs I default programs I set your default program I click on Microsoft Edge and click on “set this program as default”. Now restart your system and check if it works for you!
Method II : right click on windows start button I command prompt admin I and paste the following command and hit Enter key
sfc /scannow
The scan takes around 20 minutes. Please restart your system after the scan (ignore the minor…


  1. This didnt seem to do me any good. Im trying to open .JAR files, and it gives me Class Not Registered no matter what I used. Ive used Java SE Binary, Open Windows App (I think thats what its called?) Notepad (which is just code) and I literally even tried PAINT. I always get the same error.

  2. Ugh OneDrive screwed my computer after doing registery back up. now every command is missing on my Microsoft surface ?. hopefully this will fix it.

  3. mine was updated aouto maticly and now that search bar says Ask me anything and it won ment me Type There eny more and the place Where You said right click dosnt show the same thing and i cant get on the Internet =(


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