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Video duration: 1:38:54 brings you FOUR HORSEMEN – an award winning independent feature documentary which lifts the lid on how the world really works.

As we will never return to ‘business as usual’ 23 international thinkers, government advisors and Wall Street money-men break their silence and explain how to establish a moral and just society.

FOUR HORSEMEN is free from mainstream media propaganda — the film doesn’t bash bankers, criticise politicians or get involved in conspiracy theories. It ignites the debate about how to usher a new economic paradigm into the world which would…


  1. after watching this, i feel sorry for white people and can now understand why they holding on to the last bit of power they have. I'd be scared as shit too living around an entire WORLD of people you've fucked over… some aren't even racist, but are lumped into the same group of people as the racist… the people who look like you fuck you over just the same as everyone else, poison your water, take your money, shoot your family and friends… only to know that mathematically, and historically your generation is going to lose power and we all know what happens when a transfer of power happens… alot of people usually die

  2. Corrupted organised society was around way before America was invaded/founded. You have to remember you are not the only country that exist nor the centre of the universe Americans.

  3. At 30:45 a key issue is opened which this film fails to answer and this particular question/fact is the main entity that will determine the course of the future of the FIAT currencies. The question is: If the banks say to the government – we need more money so print it, aren't they kinda destroying themselves at the same time as well, because the new money the govrnment will have printed will cause the existing wealth of the banks to depreciate at the same time as a consequence. The main factor here is basically the trust of the people/subjects. How far are they willing to go? Can the government create a level of debt of 100% of GDP? Maybe 200%, 300% or perhaps a 1000% of GDP the people/subjects are still willing to accept.

  4. We live in a world gone mad with the idea that there is something for nothing. It takes truly ignorant people to believe this lie. In our politics, the lying politician uses this lie to get votes. It goes on and on till somebody figures it out, maybe.

  5. I think the world was better off before the internet came to be! When I go out I see people staring at their phones while ignoring their family friends and the very ones they went out with


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