(Hindi) Microsoft Access pt 7 (Auto Complete & input box on form)


About this tutorial:

Video duration: 27:32
In this video learn to create Auto Complete fields in form. and learn to create input box in form for users to enter options and create reports. Link to sample file:


  1. Nahi sir mera question ka answer ye nahi field size 255 se jayada field report me drag karna ho jaise 300 field to wo relationship me bhi too many field ka error aaya hai aise me kya kare yadi ek form ya report me 300 field rakhni ho

  2. Sir aap mujhe ye bataye ki report ya form me hum 255 se jayada add filed pane se kyo nahi drag kar sakte kyoki wo lined nahi Hoti too many field error is ka Samadhan bataye

  3. hi sir, your tutorial are very useful, thanks for uploading all your videos
    can you please explain how to make simple inward outward inventory using multiple products through barcode scannng. please help

  4. good sir but i need two fields one is auto fill and second one is blank like this is one question filed and is the answer that have 100 question i mean i wanna make questioner database

  5. I am having problem with auto fill with first name and last name using this code from this video tutorials, it works once but after I save and closed and when i open again it does not work anymore..

    Private Sub cboCustID_Change()
    Me.txtLName.Value = Me.cboCustID.Column(2)
    Me.txtFName.Value = Me.cboCustID.Column(1)
    Me.txtMI.Value = Me.cboCustID.Column(3)
    End Sub

    I wonder everytime i saved it will not work why

  6. Respected Sir,
                  I have been solved my previous issue, Now please help me a little , I have a table.. CBP(Condemnation Board Proceeding), Field := 1. ItemCode, 2.ItemName,3. ItemLife <Its already prescribe how much life of an item like 3 years, 4 years etc..>4.DateOfIssue<In which date item was issued>. Suppose that one item life 6 years, and Date of issue 22/05/2007 I need to calculate is the item life expire or not ? if not how much time to expire?. hope you understand. I am w8ing for your valuable replay please….
                                                     yours faithfully

  7. QUESTION: I have Two Table .. 1. RvDetails.(field RvId,ItemCode,ItemName,Qty) its main for receiving items,
    2. Distrubution(Field.IvId,ItemCode,ItemName,DistrubutionQty,Users) Here same item Distributed(Receiving Items) no of users ,
    Now I am looking for , when I distribute one Item to no of users then my stock(RvDetails.Qty) automatic minus ,Hope I can explain … I don't know when I get my replay,, but I am really w8ing for your valuable replay  … please mail me…

  8. Sir, mai ek database made kiya hu.. jis me same itemCode se no of person ko item distribute kar ta hu. but mai chata hu ki same ItemCode se no of quantity   items issue ka subtotal karke main stock se out karna i post my qry picture to you…


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