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Ignacio Jayo is the master of out of classrooom partnerships at William Tennent High School in Pennsylvania. He used real world problems presented by local enterprise, such as pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly, to challenge students with open ended problem solving, and offers advice on how to disrupt one’s own limiting educational paradigm.

Ignacio Jayo is a high school science teacher who is very interested in innovating education through the power of partnerships. He received a Physical Therapy degree from Duke University in 1997 and practiced as a physical therapist in various…

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2 thoughts on “How Looking Outside the Classroom Can Transform Education | Ignacio Jayo | TEDxUpperDublinED

    Ron Brown

    (November 10, 2018 - 5:57 am)

    One last thing as I finish watching this video, students are indoctrinated into thinking that the only way to make a high income is to go to college and get that worthless degree. I think you are a part of this corruption and it needs to end. If you were to tell me that I'm going to college to make 10$ an hour then would I go? No I wouldn't go and nobody would go. So obviously the majority of students go to college for financial security. This is totally corrupt and it shouldn't be how education is ran.
    It's all about money and nobody wants to admit it, what a shame. Now you don't want to talk about this because you know that's it's the hard truth and you're a biased faculty member.

    Ron Brown

    (November 10, 2018 - 5:57 am)

    Hey ignacio. You probably don't remember me. I remember you came up to me and asked me what's the problem.

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