How To Choose The Best Glasses And Frames For Your Face Shape


About this tutorial:

Video duration: 6:9
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Glasses Featured:
Yorke Black –
Dickenson Black –
Freud Gunmetal –
Muse Funk Black –
Muse Swing Gray –
Academy Black –
Acadia Beige –
Ray-Ban RB5154 Black –
Brutus Brown –
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  1. Wanted a second pair of glasses. I selected progressive lenses from GlassesUSA. (64 years old) I could not read with the reading part. Returned them and made the mistake of taking store credit. Can not read out of the second pair either. They will not give refunds on second pair, only store credit. Consulted my doctor's office. Unless a specialist measures your retina, the progression placement is a crap shoot. There is no place in the order form for retina measurements. Do not buy progressive lenses online. I am negotiating with GlassUSA now, because they only allow two returns and I'm afraid I'll be stuck with lenses I can't read through.

  2. My face is like Superman. No lie, you look at me, and you'll see Superman. My jawline is so structured, you'll get a papercut. And I'm needing some new glasses. How about a perfectly rounded frame like Harry Potter's glasses?

  3. Now let's be clear about your $700 glasses because, I'm sure you got a designer frame with best in market lenses now, the $40 glasses are not designer glasses and it comes with standard lenses other than that great video

  4. Remember when you buy rims – you are paying for the name, not the style, so you can find same looking rims 10x cheaper than for example same looking rim but with italian brand name. Rims have no practicality and it doesn't make any difference if you buy cheaper rims. Buy it with cheaper brand name, but stylish rims and the best lenses you can afford to go with them, because lenses is what you're wearing glasses for.

  5. Dont follow his link.
    Glasses usa are scammers, just look up some reviews on the internet.

    I just got cheated for my money after watching this vid 1 month ago and placed an order.


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