How to configure icloud in outlook


About this tutorial:

Video duration: 52
Tech N Toast helps you add your iCloud email account to Microsoft outlook. I have mentioned all the steps in this video. You should have an email address if you want to use iCloud Mail in Microsoft outlook. After watching this video, you will be able to send and receive emails from your iCloud account on Microsoft outlook. You just need to apply right configuration and settings. You need to enable two-step authentication for your iCloud account, if you want to use it in outlook because many guys face problems while adding iCloud to outlook because they don’t enable Two-Step…


  1. Tech N Toast says, “It’s just technical"
    Because your time is precious I always try to keep videos short and direct with maximum information, and prefer to promote my work instead of promoting myself, which makes Tech N Toast present super-smooth, easy to understand, and clear navigation through the technical solutions, and that's not an easy task because I have to spend hours to research and test the solutions, but creating something different is much more important to keep creativity alive on YouTube.

  2. Hi…
    Installing Icloud on my PC window 10 and once i clic on mail, contacts, calendars… to synchronize … I receive the message saying : " Setup can't continue because Outlook isn't configured to have a default profile…
    Can you help me to find a solution?



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