How to Create Digital Signature in Word


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Video duration: 1:5
In this video tutorial we will show you how to create a digital signature in Word.

This tutorial will show you how to create a digital signature in Word which is a good way to give documents an official standing.

Step # 1 — Inserting a New Line

Start Word and load the document that you want to add a signature to. Here we can see that we have a letter and we are going to add a signature to the bottom of the page. We are going to want to place this between the closing and the name of the sender. Click the mouse to this location and insert a new line.

Step # 2 — Inserting the Image of…


  1. I found the fastest an easiest way was;
    1. scribble signature on paper
    2. take a photo and save on comp
    3 use snipping tool over image
    4 save as PNG file
    5 find PNG file
    6 Drag & Drop in word doc

  2. This video shows how to import or attach an image to a document not how to create a digital signature. You really should study the question before engaging a tutorial. This is a waste of every site visitors time. Why don't you do a video titled "how to change ink cartridges in a printer" and then a have the corresponding video show how to gut and field dress a moose.

  3. No. This is just a picture of "analog" signature. It's not a digital signature in a strict sense, the one that means a signature that can assures authenticity and integrity of the document.

    Search "Add or remove a digital signature in Office documents" to read instructions from Microsoft website.


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