How to create exe in .net and attachment with database finally


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Video duration: 8:16
its really great video you got to watch it
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  1. Please make a tutorial on how to deploy you program with sql database and crystal report to another computer. mine got a lot of errors when i run the program. I haven't found a single tutorial on youtube that explains this one.

  2. are you mad ??? etna lamba procedure bata rahay ho jab kay yeh khud bhi hota hai… tell us how to embed sql db in project for other pc with out any installation on that client machine

  3. that is great stuff but what to do if application is installed and you don't have a setup file just installed application folder with all the database attach in sql server how it will be than connected to that database than?any idea or suggestion or can i have your skype to discuss in detail?

  4. hi tarun
    i want to ask u that i have created an windows app with VS 2012 and  sql server 2005 database so i want to deploy that project so can u help me about how to make setup file in VS 2012 and what will be the configuration file setting for database???

  5. is it possible on my SQL server project?
    heres my problem,
    I have project that includes a SQL server and i dont know if my project works if i just add the database without installing the SQL server?
    one more thing, is it possible to install my program without the SQL server. but my program works normally with its database?

  6. Hey..
    If you are looking toward a logic which avoid installation of sql server in your setup..
    See this post..
    You have to copy some files from your C: drive and attach it in you setup..
    Here is the path from where you have to attach some .exe file for sql server and ms access respectively
    C:Program FilesMicrosoft SDKsWindowsv6.0ABootstrapperPackagesSqlExpressen


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