How To Get Your Site Into Google News


About this tutorial:

Video duration: 25:50
How to get your site into Google News!

As a volunteer (Top Contributor) on the Google News Help Forum, I am often asked by publishers to review their sites to help them figure out why they were turned down for Google News.

The tips in this video are based on the most common potential issues I see, and my suggestions on what they can change that might help them the next time they apply.

I mention quite a few links in this video. Here’s the list:

Google News Publisher Help Forum – we have a number of very helpful and knowledgeable TC’s there – help is available for the asking!


  1. Hi, Chris this is a great video thank you for sharing. I am a female entrepreneur/blogger and looking to sharpen up my website to submit for this. Do you ever do facetime or live q & a streams?

  2. My query is related to XML sitemap. I have article section and we have XML sitemap for this section, but news section is inside this article section URL is, so we have only one sitemap for article section contains all URLs and category of news section, so we don't have any specific sitemap for news section, do we need to create separte sitemap for this news section.

  3. sir,
    I am a college student, how should I write news articles by getting content from other news sites, and after how many articles I should submit it to google news and how much old site should be submitted to google news?

  4. Thank you for this video, but I still don't understand why we got rejected. I just put a question in the Google News forum "Feedback needed: Rejected based on accountability, but have author bios. What else do we need?" and really am unsure what more we should do. But thank you for the insight.

  5. Hi Chris Andrews very thanks video,

    1)Is it important number of index?
    2)Does it cause problems Backlinks?
    3)How many need to be news? (average)
    4)Did you copy press release may be news?
    5)Which should be selected from the source tag in the application page? (Press release, Opinion content ..)

    Very thanks


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