How to Hide Excel and Show Userform ONLY – Excel VBA


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Video duration: 10:50
Learn how to make your Excel program look more like a regular program – with Excel being hidden and your Userform being on display only! This is a HUGELY requested topic and there are several things to keep in mind when setting this up, but it’s not that difficult. Check it out!!!

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  1. Fast, awesome tip. I'm subscribing because I have wanted to do this in the past and not found what I wanted (to hide the application altogether) through searching. Now I've fortunately stumbled upon the video…. if only I had a few months ago!

  2. Hey Dan,

    Just wanted to say thanks for all your work here on YouTube! With your vba basics track I went from zero vba experience to completing a nasty project I've wanted to do for years in only a week! This video in particular was really helpful! Thanks man!

  3. Hey all. Anyone know how i can re-access my workbook having locked myself out. I had followed the video and set my userform to show right after the application went invisible then I put a "application.quit" in the queryclose sub all the close buttons on the userform fully quit excel and now I can't access the workbook to correct it. I had put an "unhide application" button on the form so i can unhide it but even thought i can see it behind the userform, i cant do anything with it. desperation here…..please help

  4. i have problem on some data on the worksheet, the given data was to be sorted out such that you have to select different columns on the same row then copy to another worksheet loopin' out i think you got me. hope you will help me

  5. i really like this. my next question for you now is… How can I get the userform to show as a button in the taskbar on my windows screen? it would be nice to not have to minimize or hide the userform to switch back and forth between windows

  6. Hello, i just want to ask o rather asking for help because I almost memorise all the steps but my prob' is… WHERE DO I CAN OPEN IT??? Where I'm going to start because my lappy is 2007 then if I press the Alt F11, its just the "sound" adjustment only…

    Let me know please ;-(

  7. Dan, great video! Thanks so much for sharing.  However I've run into a bit of a problem: I've combined this "hide Excel" type of function with that of another one of your videos where the user can activate Print Preview from the userform.  However, when I press my command button into which I've coded the print preview function (similarly to your checkbox enabling print preview), I get nothing and my userform locks up.  I keep getting the "ding" noise regardless of where I click on the userform.  Do you have any thoughts or suggestions on why this happens and/or how to fix it? Print Preview works fine in the debug mode, it's only when the workbook is hidden that it gives me the problem.  Thanks in advance!


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