How to Map a Network Drive or Folder


About this tutorial:

Video duration: 4:3
In this video I will should you how to map a network drive or folder. In just a few easy steps, you will learn how to setup a shared file or folder.

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  1. Please forgive my ignorance about this mapping drives subject. But do You do mapping to all of Your devices. Computers exedra or to just one device. I guess what I am trying to get at is what is the reason for doing mapping. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for the video.  Once I map a network drive I am am trying to run a program off that networked drive.  It will not allow me to run it and it will not allow me to "Create a Desktop Shortcut"  any idea how to?  When I try to create a shortcut it says the disk is full and there is no way it is.  Thanks for the assistance.

  3. this was helpful thank you. but im still not sure what the utility is of mapping network drives? other than viewing the path what discernible information or utility is there from mapping a network drive / folder? 

  4. ok, so cool man, I got a question, sometimes I put password but it wan't access to join the map, and I'm sure (the user name and pass) are correct, it's like BUGGG , do u have seen this before ? plz answer how to fix this issue

  5. Hi, I am having a nightmare trying to see shared folders on my Win XP machine from my Win7 machine,I keep getting the error message "cannot find Network Path, please check that the PC you are connecting to is switched on" I can see shared folders on my Win7 PC from my XP machine but not the other way around.Please help !

  6. Hi, and thanks for watching my videos! Yep, as long as you have a Windows workgroup and or sharing enabled, you can map any file, folder, drive, or location throughout the network. Very simply to do, and no, it does not require Windows home server. For backup, I would setup a NAS drive, share it on the network, and map the drive to the computers. Thanks for watching. Please show your support and subscribe!!!

  7. thanks for the vid, very informative. So, one can map a drive across any system running windows on the network? Meaning no need to have windows home server? I wanted to setup a computer just to hold backups and for media streaming across my network, basically being a server and just running plan old windows 7. I was wondering if I can just map a drive to this computer(server) and then map to it with my other two computers to access files or to send files to for backup. doable? thanks

  8. Hello there! Thanks for watching my videos and please remember to show your support and subscribe. What you want to do is share that external hard drive. You will also need a basic Windows peer-to-peer workgroup setup. This main sound complicated but honestly it's quite simple. Once you have the p2p workgroup setup and configured, and all computers added to the workgroup, you want to right-click the external drive in my computer and share the drive. This will share the drive to the network.


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