How to Move a Picture Anywhere in MS Word Mac OS X


About this tutorial:

Video duration: 1:52
To move a picture anywhere in MS Word Mac OS X:
– Open your MS Word document
– Open up your Toolbox, select the photo and open up Wrapping
– Click on Style, select square or whatever you prefer
– Click on the photo and you can now drag it anywhere you like on your document and if you have a text it will just fill in around the picture

Added resource on how to move a picture anywhere in MS Word Mac OS X:


  1. This helped me but how to you place photos side-by-side (I am placing two 3 inch wide photos next to each other in MS Word 2011 Mac) without them flying all over the place after you move them? I put one next to another and the results appear pretty random and sometimes seem to make word crash. What is going on here??


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