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Need to print an important document or just a cute photo? Here’s how to print with AirPrint using your iPhone or iPad.

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  1. Apple update 11 took my Notes, THEY ARE GONE FOR EVER. When plugged into my computer for restore as they say, it first backed up my iPhone 6s overwriting the last backup. They are not recoverable. Thanks Apple, this is not excusable.

  2. My iPad 10.5 suffers from poor performance sometimes. Had this problem since the update to iOS 11. Those dropping frames, stutters here and there and sometimes even freezing UI while multitasking is reaaally annoying. This is my first apple product and I’ve expected better.

  3. Well, I think this is the last time I will ever be able to comment on an Apple video, as they always disable them. So, I must make it meaningful: I’m FIRST!! And I love these videos, and will definitely be sending them to people who need them.


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