How to Print Multiple Envelopes with different Addresses In Word | How to Use Mail Merge

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In this video we provide details of How to print Multi Envelopes with different Addresses In Word | how to Use Mail Marge function In Word with Excel

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2 thoughts on “How to Print Multiple Envelopes with different Addresses In Word | How to Use Mail Merge

    J Nelson

    (October 14, 2018 - 1:35 am)

    One thing I liked was seeing how I could change the text font and size for individual fields. It would be nice if you cleaned up the extraneous parts.

    Steps (for my info)
    Creat Excel doc with header labels and contact info
    Open Word doc with envelope "Start mail merge" select size of envelope
    Insert text box for return address and type in address
    Insert text box for mailing address
    Start mail merge menu -> step by step mail merge wizard -> side menu
    Step 1 of 6 "Next starting document"
    Step 2 of 6 "Change doc layout" "Envelope options" Previous wizard step
    Select recipients "Use an existing list" "Browse"
    Find excel doc. select option "First row of data contains column headers"
    "This is the list of recipients that will be used in your merge. Use the options below to add or to change"
    "Insert Merge Field" repeat with all fields; insert line break/carriage return where needed; adjust size of text box as needed;
    Go to "Home" tab. Select mail merge fields and choose text font and size
    "Page Layout" menu; adjust spacing as needed and select position (align top, center, bottom)
    Step 4 of 6 Arrange your envelope; if you have not already done so, lay out your envelope now.
    Step 5 of 6 Preview your envelopes; One of the merged envelopes if previewed here.
    Step 6 of 6 Complete the merge; Print or edit individual envelopes
    "Mailings" tab; preview results; Finish & Merge; Print documents;
    option -> print to pdf first then print envelopes

    Rich Tsai

    (October 14, 2018 - 1:35 am)

    dude slow down

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