How To Remove The Page Number 1 From Apple Pages


About this tutorial:

Video duration: 2:4
If you want to remove the page number from the first page of your Apple Pages document, this quick 2-minute video will show you how. This works for Keynote and Numbers too. Forgive the video quality – I forgot to set it up properly.


  1. I can't put the number of pages. Is blocked to me. And at in insert don't showing up the option to break the section o_O. That's unbelievable how the pages is to many worst than Microsoft Word.

  2. Hey, just found out a new way to do this. If you are already done with your paper when you want to add page numbers. Click on the header of the page you want #1 to be > top right corner click document > top right corner click section > bottom of section click create a new section > and under "numbering" (right on top of it) check Start at: 1


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