How to send Skype invite from Microsoft Outlook 2016?

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Want to invite your colleagues or customers to start a Skype meeting through a link?
As Microsoft Outlook is a communication tool available in Microsoft Office 365 subscription which allow you to communicate through emails and share your work documents, calendars with your colleagues and customers. With the integration of Skype for Business with Outlook, you can send a Skype Meeting invite to your colleagues or customers through Skype Meeting feature available in Outlook 2016. You can discuss your business ideas or strategies efficiently. So watch this video to learn how this you can…

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2 thoughts on “How to send Skype invite from Microsoft Outlook 2016?

    ajit kumar

    (August 11, 2018 - 5:34 am)

    This video represented about Skype meeting suppose that you are not available office but you want to describe any work with team member in this situation it will help in very professional way because you can create a meeting through the outlook. open your outlook and go to navigation than click on new Skype meeting there will appear options of meeting creation fill the all activities and you can also put many more members in your meeting that you want to create this is better then one by one send mail to all member's. and also you can type any description in mail body so that they can identify easily which types of meeting and what is reason to create the meeting.

    krishna chawrasia

    (August 11, 2018 - 5:34 am)

    Skype is unified tool which provided by ms office 365 .Skype provide facility of audio/video calling, instant messaging, conference calling. In Skype we create different type of contacts like our colleague contacts, team members contact, personal contacts. In Skype, we call many people at a time. To invite or call people at a time first create a group and join the people.It provide easy to join a meeting and automatic attach a (join skype meeting) link in skype for business.This is a great tool for video conferencing and etc.

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