How to update your Samsung Smart TV – Tip #4


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The Samsung Smart TV does so much more than just watching TV. Being connected to the Internet allows the TV to become a hub with apps, live info, and even listening to radio from stations around the world. Here are some of the cool hidden features !

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  1. Justin — my problem is not updating my TV firmware, in fact it frequently updates SmartHub several times a day, and takes a long time too (my broadband is quite fast). I read somewhere that to fix this issue you can change the DNS server to or and this seemed to work, but a few weeks on I am having the same trouble. Anyone know a fix that works PLEASE!!!?

  2. I have a Samsung UE43JU6060K TV and I have been checking for updates and today I found one one samsung support page for my country PT… But using the TV update software from the menu doesnt find any update from the internet grrr…

    Just updated trough USB… dont know what changed…

  3. you should call yourself theSAMSUNGtechieguy cos thats all you seem to be doing lately. keep thinking im going to get tips on a proper phone like the one m8 or lumia 930 heck even sony. samsung products aren't that great. videos are insightful though. keep it up.

  4. I wish Samsung would enforce streaming services (like the YouTube app) to have a quality feature that can be manually set. At the moment the TV uses the maximum bandwidth possible – always. For us in SA, we don't always need FHD to chomp away at our data bundles…


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