How to Use The Edit Menu In Ms Word 2003 in Urdu/Hindi – Lunar Computer College


About this tutorial:

Video duration: 26:41
0:44 How to open edit menu
1:20 How to use Undo command in winword?
3:05 How to use Redo / Repeat in winword?
6:35 How to use Cut command in winword?
8:55 What is ClipBoard?
9:33 How to use Copy command in winword?
12:20 How to use Paste command in winword?
15:29 How to use Clear command in winword edit menu?
18:11 How to use contents command in clear of edit menu?
19:16 How to use Select All command in winword?
20:39 How to use Find command in winword?
22:11 How to highlight all found data at a time in winword?
22:32 How to use Replace command in WinWord?
24:07 How to use Goto command in…



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