How to work with relationships in SQL Server | tutorial


About this tutorial:

Video duration: 9:59
This SQL Server tutorial explores inter-table relationships, including how to work with one-to-many and many-to-many relationships. Watch more at

This specific tutorial is just a single movie from chapter four of the SQL Server 2008 Essential Training course presented by author Simon Allardice. The complete SQL Server 2008 Essential Training course has a total duration of 6 hours and 54 minutes and explores how Transact-SQL is…


  1. The fact that you provide this videos is appreciated, but one can't help but wonder about what to expect if one was to buy your courses, when you can't even think of numbering your videos to provide an orderly sequence. So when, like in this video, you say "we'll see that next," you don't leave the viewer scrambling around trying to find that elusive "next" video.

  2. I just love you……you just resolved my 2 problems…..I was looking to label things with different categories….you just resolved it with the classic example in this tutorial where you are creating a new AUTHORTITLE table……and another problem i was tryint to understand the MS SQL Server relationship signs… i know key represents 1 and infinity represent many……awesome tutorial…..THANKS a lot….

  3. This is surprisingly very well done.

    I googled this out of curiosity, but videos done at this level clear and high quality make me want to jump back on the horse and code.

    thank you


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