Huawei P9 Disabled Settings

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Video duration: 5:31
In this video i go through the disabled settings on the Huawei P9.

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30 thoughts on “Huawei P9 Disabled Settings


    (October 22, 2018 - 4:42 pm)

    Chawal he mari hy …

    mbaly mkhize

    (October 22, 2018 - 4:42 pm)

    I want to asked how to disable my huawei p9 lite

    Burhan Plays

    (October 22, 2018 - 4:42 pm)

    My P9 Lite can't start NFC I have buyed the S9 thats a lot better but I want fix the P9 Lite


    (October 22, 2018 - 4:42 pm)

    Please how i Can set off black menu bar Down while i play games please?

    Jherald Gastador

    (October 22, 2018 - 4:42 pm)

    Hello dude , I have Huawei p10 and I can't play the voicemail in my phone like my friend voicemail me I can't play it . Help me dude

    SKYE LOVER 2003

    (October 22, 2018 - 4:42 pm)

    I.have a question how do I make my notifications in colour on my Huawei p9 lite?

    Lukita Mira

    (October 22, 2018 - 4:42 pm)

    Can't sending a message. In apps there is no allow premium sms. Please explain. Thanks

    Skleezy Skleezy

    (October 22, 2018 - 4:42 pm)

    Can you please tell me how can I disable screen recorder and only use screenshot on huawei p8 lite

    wiaam214 Wiaam

    (October 22, 2018 - 4:42 pm)

    My huawei phone uses 55% battery while inactivity ive just had it for a couple of weeks

    Steve Cronk

    (October 22, 2018 - 4:42 pm)

    Hi tech talk Iv got a huawei p8 lite 2017 and I'm not sure how to activate the WiFi calling please help me many thanks

    Deafrich Gamer

    (October 22, 2018 - 4:42 pm)

    Ayy bro can you help me here. Um my p9 lite cant open camera and pictures and wont load any music i have ive restarted my phone 3 times this month on a temporary fix .

    Courtney Brooks

    (October 22, 2018 - 4:42 pm)

    Hey I have HUAWEI y625 an the flash button from camera is gone do you know how to get it bk


    (October 22, 2018 - 4:42 pm)

    my hw p9 cant access into pin to disable the to do?

    Mthobisi Qanso

    (October 22, 2018 - 4:42 pm)

    Nice video

    Nompumelelo Mdluli

    (October 22, 2018 - 4:42 pm)

    I have a Huawei Mate 8. It charged really fast and drains just as fast… Can you post a step by step video on how to disable the charging settings. It seems to be hidden. So now my phone is always on apower bank. I want a slow charging slow dying setting… Please and thank you if you can assist.

    Masster Shadow0

    (October 22, 2018 - 4:42 pm)

    Hello How do you select never on sleep cuz on my phone its maximum is 30 min

    Jeanette Ransley

    (October 22, 2018 - 4:42 pm)

    Hi how do I take my sleep of . My phone goes to sleep when I watch a film very annoying. Thanks

    Zaki Zubaidi

    (October 22, 2018 - 4:42 pm)

    Hello how to chnge sleep timer because i can touch the button like it had block to change the time


    (October 22, 2018 - 4:42 pm)

    hello, i don't have font style can you help me??

    Iaeana Aquino

    (October 22, 2018 - 4:42 pm)

    I want to know how to enable notification log for this phone

    Hallie Herb

    (October 22, 2018 - 4:42 pm)

    How do you turn off data?

    Jerome Henry

    (October 22, 2018 - 4:42 pm)

    How do you get rid of the green bar on the top of your phone when you are in a call, but another app

    Bipesh Maharjan

    (October 22, 2018 - 4:42 pm)

    I just cannot activate ok google in my Huawei enjoy 6s phone.It says that google isn't your default assist app.Please help me.

    Karthikeya hotha

    (October 22, 2018 - 4:42 pm)

    how to change sleep timer in huawei T3 10 media pad

    Pussc Killer

    (October 22, 2018 - 4:42 pm)

    How do you set your sleep to 1 minute

    Valter Valter

    (October 22, 2018 - 4:42 pm)

    How to turn of the quick charge on huawei P9 ?? Please help

    siti rohayu

    (October 22, 2018 - 4:42 pm)

    Hi there. I want to ask why my camera in front zoom in at apps boomerang or insta?

    Marcu Marius

    (October 22, 2018 - 4:42 pm)

    Hey, i have a problem with the headphones, when i press the headphones button on youtube for example it should pause or play the video but it doesn't, on other phones it works or in music player but on youtube it doesn't, do you know a setting i can do to also enable that on youtube?
    Thank you.

    Atif Aslam Rockstar

    (October 22, 2018 - 4:42 pm)

    Hi sir.. please tell me how yo unable mic on p9lite? My mic didnot work on video or audio recording…please tell me

    Sta Briga

    (October 22, 2018 - 4:42 pm)

    Where i can put that i can see how mwny steps i made

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