I am officially an Aerospace Engineer! | Class of 2018 Graduate | What’s next?


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Guys! I still can’t believe that I’ve graduated! I am finally an aerospace engineer!!! It’s kinda weird saying it “outloud” haha
In this video, I discuss my future plans and show you some clips from graduation.
I hope you enjoy! and as usual, leave your questions in the comment section or send me a DM on Instagram 🙂

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  1. hey I am in 12th grade now and I am thinking of doing aerospace engineering so can u make a video about the basic things that r important to know before studying rocket science?
    P.s love your videos. keep up the good work!

  2. OMG congratulations! You are an inspiration! I hear ya with them sleepless nights but it's all worth it in the end. I'm excited for when I get there too! By the way what GPA did u graduate with If u dont mind me asking?

  3. Félicitations Abir pour ce diplôme d'ingénieur en aérospatiale !!
    Tous mes voeux de réussite et de succès dans votre nouvelle vie professionnelle.
    Vous avez beaucoup de mérite. Profitez de la vie maintenant !

  4. Congrats!! I just finished my first year at college studying Aerospace! There aren’t many women in this field let alone broadcasting their experiences, so you are an inspiration. I look up to you!

  5. Hello I love planes and computers should I chose software engineer or aeronautical engineer and is aerospace the same thing as aeronautical?
    What is the best career (good salary, the job opportunities…)

  6. I’m starting my 1st semester majoring in aerospace engineering this fall! I love watching your videos, they give me a good understanding and perspective.
    Congrats!! 💗

  7. What classes did you take in High school? Because I want to know if the classes I’ll be taking will prepare me for this degree. Next year (junior year) I’ll be taking Calc AB, AP Physics 1, AP Chemistry and CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing). For my senior year I’ll be taking Calc BC, AP Physics 2, EDD (Engineering Design and Development), and most likely another science course (recommendations would be wonderful there). Would these classes prepare me for college? Also I was wondering if you knew anything about Kansas’ aerospace program and if it was any good, or if I should go out of state. Hope you get around to answering this 🙂

  8. Congratulations!! I will be graduating with a BS in Civil hopefully next summer~
    Really curious if you have taken the FE? If you have, how did it go and how did you study for it? If you haven’t, do you plan on taking it? Is it even a requirement for Aerospace majors?

  9. What a amazing Achievement!! CONGRATULATIONS Abir!! Pshh …I would love to pick your brain on what exactly you learned. If you have to deal with millibars and hectopascals. Also if you have to take into account the coriolis force in your line of work. Well again congratulations 🙂👍

  10. Congrats! You are such an inspiration for everyone who is trying to make it and be successful in a foreign country! You motivated me to study in Aerospace engineering. Best wishes from Mexico

  11. Congrats! I literally subscribed today because I’m starting aerospace engineering at the University of Florida in the fall and you’re videos are already making me feel more prepared, confident and and all around better about my freshman year

  12. Congratulations ma'am!!…and the same goes on with me…i totally agree with you..i'm in final year of my Aeronautical Engineering course in India and i saw my seniors leaving the engineering college and talked about how they felt and what they replied is same as you did in this video..I feel the same..it feels like it was couple of days back I entered this course but when I see it's already been 3 years. It just stress me out sometime..some sleepless nights..just thinking about how fast it went over..but yeah I know it'll be hell of an experience to be on your own…again starting from the start like you have to again make new friends…new contacts and all..I kinda feel you..i mean what you feel is quite the same I'm feeling the same for quite a while..All the Best for your future..you just did it..and yeah we would like to see more vlogs from you😘

  13. omggg congratulation!!! i would start my bachelors in aerospace engineering this year, you have been my biggest inspiration, keep updating us , pleaseeee!! need your support


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