Inserting Blank Rows In Between Data Rows In Excel


About this tutorial:

Video duration: 2:58
Inserting Blank Rows In Between Data Rows In Excel

In this tutorial, you will learn how to add blank rows in between 100s and 1000s of existing data row items, and too, without Macros. Time taken is less than 10 Seconds.

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  1. Blank row के बाद यदि सर अब नम्बर डालने हों तो अब नम्बर कैसे पड़ेंगे। जबकि बीच में एक blank row है।
    Tell Me

  2. Hello! Good Morning
    I am new to VBA Excel, maybe you can help me.

    I am creating DB in just one worksheet, with 3 UserForms:
    UserForm Customers with the button that call the,
    Service UserForm with the button that call the,
    UserForm Type Services.

    I want to know if it's possible.

    1- If the Service was paid in Check, I need to add 3 columns or Line Verification Number, Amount and Date.

    2- If the service was paid per day I need to add 3 columns or line 01/25/2017 – day of travel, 01/26/2017 – full day – 01/27/2017 –
    Day trip.

    I also need a code that tells the worksheet how many rows have been added for the next record to skip. Example: We have the word "Per Day" in column P6. We need to add 3 rows, the next record has to be added in column A10.

    Thank you very much

  3. Having Trouble in insert option that will be appeared after right click.
    If i need to add a new row in the excel sheet, when i select a entire row and right click to select the insert option it was not happening, as the insert option turned into gray in color so how to get it back into black in color.
    same for cut option too..

    Is there any suggestions ??


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