Introducing StaffPad


About this tutorial:

Video duration: 2:1
StaffPad is a revolutionary new music notation application for Windows 8.1 and Surface.

More information is available at

StaffPad allows composers, musicians, students, teachers – anyone interested in music – to write notation by hand directly onto virtual manuscript. StaffPad features advanced handwriting recognition, and will convert your music into a beautifully typeset score. Experience the magic of writing with StaffPad by getting it exclusively from the Windows Store.


  1. Hi. This looks really great. Will this be compatible with my Lenovo Yoga 520-14IKB? (I have a Lenovo stylus pen too). I can't find that info, I see that it is compatible with yoga thinkpad but nothing about the 2in1 yoga 520. Thanks in advance.

  2. it works extremely well, i usr it every day and for a composer it makes the perfect blend for audio quality, realistic live play back, and also gives the option to write in your score as you please, it has everything a composer could want especially with it's unprecedented speed! best composition tool ive used!


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