Life After Death by Powerpoint 2010 by Don McMillan


About this tutorial:

Video duration: 9:29
New & Expanded version of Don McMillan’s 2008 YouTube hit “Life After Death by PowerPoint”.


  1. Very funny. I watched for my Intro to Computers class and I was laughing like crazy. He has some strong points though even if it was a comedy but he was so true on a lot of the points he made. The most annoying things I see are the different ways to make your font go, upside down, flashing, in circles, etc. these drive me crazy especially when you are trying to learn something and it flashes for a second and then it is gone.

  2. One place I worked the boss insisted on giving our clients documentation via powerpoint.
    I cringed and tried to persuade him to change his mind to us using documents rather than presentations for 'documentation'.
    Needless to say that we lost the contract a year later.

  3. Thank you sir! I saw this AFTER giving my students DBPP over the 38 slides of History of Policing. THEN I gave them a project to pick out a single person from that presentation and TEACH the class abot them….WITHOUT using PP or Prezi. I think I'm going to have to show them your video.

  4. This is great, this guy hit on every power point pet peeve currently known. I really enjoyed how he did it in a comedic way that made it fun to watch for students. Its too bad this wasnt around when I was in high school and had to sit through all the lack luster presentations by class mates.

  5. I also had to watch this video for a class assignment. I used to think that power points were boring because I didn't know the specifics of power point presentation. This video was actually funny and I was able to learn some interesting facts on preparing a power point presentation.

  6. I have never seen this video. I found it to be very funny and informative. I learned a lot of tips for keeping a power point presentation clean and professional. It was very accurate.

  7. Just watched this for my class purpose, I find this very hilarious and so accurate! Most of the things he mention, I can relate when I was in High School. I find so many common mistakes when it comes to presenting Powerpoint, it wasn't so entertaining until this video!

  8. I found this very entertaining. I love the fact that he added in those of us with ADD! 😉 I work for a major airline and we are constantly using Powerpoint in our training workshops. Some of the training materials that is sent to us from corporate include the most boring presentations that you can imagine. This is a must share with my training friends.

  9. I had to watch this video for an assignment and it was great.  This guy is funny and he definitely gets his point across on what to do and NOT to do! Enjoyed this video.

  10. I started a new job as a RN for a dialysis company and our educator showed this video to us. The entire class loved it! Don McMillan is so talented and I appreciate how he brings humor to a normally dreary topic. :-)

  11. I had a teacher that (un ironically) one-upped all those teachers who have their entire lectures in PowerPoint and read from them in class.

    She WROTE everything she said on the black board. She talked at the speed at which she could write on the black board.

    I called her classes "vorschpiel" and I usually left schlosched.

  12. Ha!  This made me laugh. The charts section is great.  A lady I used to work with was the worst with PPT.  She thought EVERY page need a picture – any picture – just a picture.

  13. I love this! I agree with you 100% people over do their power points. They are way over used!! The 7×7 rule is no more than 7 lines of text per slide and no more 7 words per line.


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