Macworld Boston 1997-The Microsoft Deal


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Video duration: 12:6
Here we see Steve Jobs & the almost bankrupt at the time Apple Computer making a temporary deal with Bill Gates & Microsoft. The crowd was not too happy about it.


  1. Microsoft was going to stop developing Office for the Mac. Gil Amelio (the CEO right before Jobs) couldn't get Microsoft to commit, and Gates told him he was going to end Office for the Mac. But when Steve Jobs came back he managed to convince Gates to continue developing Office for the Mac (by settling "patent disputes" and all that).

    THAT was the exact moment Apple survived. If Microsoft quit developing Office for the Mac, Apple dies. Apple couldn't survive without Office back then. Microsoft Word was probably the most important piece of software outside of Windows in the 90s and 00s and if Apple couldn't get it on the Mac then the Mac dies.

    Apple was literally on the brink of death. What Steve did was a 1 in a TRILLION thing. It's amazing!

  2. And they still can't sell computers…
    Yea sure, they are selling the same phone over and over again to stay alive, but eventually even stupid people will get tired of it…

  3. both steve and bill knows that its important to have a worthy competitor in a new born industry. for when you put all your effort to defeat your rival you may forgot who you are to start with. without apple in the business, we may not have such advanced computer systems today.

    oh and i prefer windows btw.

  4. So what's the real story here? In the movie "Pirates of Silicon Valley", Steve Jobs openly accused Bill "YOU'RE STEALING FROM US!?!", then Bill gave him a huge drawing/flowchart of what Microsoft was "doing". Towards the end of the movie, Steve then told Bill about IBM clones suddenly coming out with Windows OS's that look eerily similar to what he's been peddling, where Bill initially says "all cars have steering wheels" or something of that sort, then finally "I got the loot Steve!" and "now you're crying that's not fair?"

  5. People booed because they didn't want to be assimilated by IE 4. Bill just wanted money and for Netscape (the better browser) to go bankrupt. Fun fact, once NS was dead, MS let IE rot. Oh and in 2003, they payed AOL to shut down Netscape.

  6. What's with all the deification of these CEOs? There genius lay in leveraging the tech within the marketplace, it's not like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates personally built your iPad or your surface PC, they probably wrote their last lines of code in the 70's.

  7. i work for a company that has phone support for hotels and their existing wifi systems. from the call center's last meeting, 80% of all calls that came in over a 30 day period. iphones had the most issues with our wifi. missing updates, needing to turn the phone off once in a while to re-boot POST. Apple is for smart people, Pcs are for all people

  8. Oh man.. these are really desperate times with Macintosh.Macintosh have to work with Microsoft, swallow their pride in order to save the company.. which it did.. but I guess it payed off. Microsoft was really really really BIG during these times. Why are people angry at Microsoft buying shares from Macintosh.. I believe it was a gesture that Microsoft still believes in Steve. The Ipod and Iphone basically secured the future of Apple… for now…. This is really controversial times.. man oh man.. LOL. I can't believe dramas like these happened in real life.. LOL


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