Microsoft Access 2010 Tutorial Part 03 of 12 – The Access Interface


About this tutorial:

Video duration: 11:30
Learn MORE Access at You will learn all about the Access development interface, including the new Ribbon menu, the parts of the screen, the Navigation Pane, and more.

03. The Access Interface
Starting Access
Create a new blank database
Parts of the screen
Title bar
Window control buttons
The Ribbon
Collapse the Ribbon
Quick Access Toolbar
Navigation Pane
Status Bar
Object Pane

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  1. First Let me Thank you for all these lessons videos Mr Richard.
    I was watching your videos from part 00 till this one it was playing well but, this one can not play. Would you mind checking it what is the problem that I can not watch it please.

  2. Where do I get me a set of general purpose Access database templates ??
    Is there a reliable web site free of computer viruses that I can go to to get templates ??

  3. Thank you for these tutorials!  I recently began collecting data for a project and although I've used Access databases at work, I hadn't actually created a database in Access in a little over ten years (in a BCIS course I took in high school).

    Needless to say, I don't remember anything about how to get started or how to set it all up, so these videos are proving extremely helpful – very easy to follow!

  4. I'm noticing that in version 2007 that when you click on Create > Table, that the additional tabs "Fields" and "Tables" does not appear automatically. Is there a way to make them appear?

  5. I have to learn access for my computer comp test and this is soooooo helpful.  I don't have access to Microsoft Access anywhere so thanks so much!

  6. Your tutorials are impressive.  I have very little experience with MS Office…I own a MAC and iPhone…am spoiled…find that PC programs are more difficult to figure out and not intuitive.  Never in my working life did I have a class or training on any MS program or in the operation of a PC…do all employers think we were born with the knowledge?  Anyway…starting a new job in a few days…and will be required to know MS Office and Access…thanks for the help…just wish I had the actual programs to tinker with…Not the same on MAC….

  7. I was told by friend to use your tutorial.  I am simply trying to build a very simple data base for my clients so I can send monthly birthday cards by printing labels, and to have their info at my fingertips.  Is this the program I want?  Sounds VERY complicated.  Never worked with Excel and very little word.  I was following until you got to query and creating reports, etc. Is this what I really want?


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