Microsoft Excel 2010 Tutorial for Beginners: IF FUNCTION, Logical test, If Then Or


This is a Microsoft Excel tutorial for beginners or for dummies showing how to use the IF function in Microsoft Excel 2010. It this tutorial we use three examples with the first showing a simple use of the If function, the second example shows how to use the If function with text and the third example shows how to use the if function for a value range.


  1. Okay, I need help.  I get the if and then… but I am trying to figure out how to adjust formatting.  Simply, if a value in a cell is greater then 0 I would like the text to be red, but if it is equal to or less then 0 no change.  Any helpers out there?

  2. How to do in excel if I have 3 equation?

    For example:

    If A, I have to use 1.
    If B, I have to use 2.
    If C, I have to use 3.

    Because in excel, it just have 2 logical test.
    If A, true. If B, false.

  3. I have to list the flight hour values for crews 1,2,3. If the crew column displays 1 I have to use the function to calculate the flight hours value of column 1 how do I put that in the IF function?

  4. dont know what version you have but i cant do this, maybe its just because i have the starter… either way, i even tried copying your sheet exactly, right down to which cells you put your figures in. So frustrating!


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