Microsoft Office Word 2007 Tip – Full-Screen Reading


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Microsoft Office Word 2007 Tip – Full-Screen Reading feature – If you’ve ever found yourself printing a copy of a document in Microsoft Office Word just to be able to read it, you’ll appreciate the new Full Screen Reading feature in Microsoft Office Word 2007.


  1. Reading thru some of the asinine posts below, we see why some people are just too inept to use windows and fully deserve to be running, arms-outstretched, to Apple.
    If it took you an entire day to open a document then my dear, it is YOU with the problem, not Word 2007.
    Word 2007 is the most intuitive and logically presented edition of this application ever released.

    oh.. and there is a reason why "all the old menus are gone".. this is why we call it the "NEW" VERSION..

  2. At work they just gave me a new computer…I was so happy until I tried to use Word 2007. I got so upset I had to walk away. I knew I wasn't on crack but thought maybe Microsoft was. If I can find the money, I'm going back to Apple.


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