Microsoft Word – Create Form (Office 2007/2010/2013/2016)


About this tutorial:

Video duration: 17:59
In this video learn to create forms using Control buttons in Microsoft Word. Create forms with fields to fill in details, a date picker, a picture placeholder and also combo or list box for users to pick from a list. Also learn about templates. Here is the link part 2 for auto-updating Header once the Form is protected.

Tutorial on “Create Online Forms”


  1. Hello,
    I am learning using your videos.
    But I face one problem that is, Is it possible to insert the mathematical terms in Rich Text(in Developer Tab/ Ribbon) using MathType after document protection?

  2. How do you fill in a form while keeping the text line?  I want to  have the text appear above the line without messing up the form or placing text between the line.

  3. After inserting a text box with an underline and making the properties  a number format with a limit of 5 characters, I still find that any amount of type of text can be entered.  Why?

  4. I have a form or document I made. I would like to edit some of the text but the cursor turns into a cross. meaning it doesn't allow me to edit. How can I turn this document into an editable one? The document reads on top "Doc-1 – Word)
    I think the form has been saved as a picture and that's the reason I cannot edit the writing in it. Also, picture tools is highlited at the top. Thanks…

  5. This video is an amazing video thank you, just one thing, how do you remove the text where you are to type or write out. When I print my document it shows the "Click or tap here to enter a date/text/etc" for all the blank areas. I appreciate the thoroughly thought out video! Saved me time for sure.

  6. Hi Amir, really good tutorial, thanks.  One question, when I have created my template and go to fill in the content holders it is not getting rid of the typing that I have put it (Type here please) when I add something like my name.  When you did it only your name was showing.  What do I have to do for this please.  Thanks Karen

  7. hi, great to see the clear explanation. i wish to ask: is posible send the form to a tablet or iPad.
    im asking because im dentist and i wish when the patient came they can fill they self. is posible?

  8. Great video. I have a question though. Let's assume I have a weekly question and answer document that my teacher posts online. How can I format the body of the document so that all my fonts/sizes/positions and other formatting stays the same in all my assignments?


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